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We work alongside the UK’s leading providers to create Magento hosting solutions optimised for all platforms. To give you the technical talk, we specialise in optimising Magento with the following software: nginx, php-fpm with apc cache, memcached, redis and perconaSQL. We use dedicated LAMP stacks and accelerator layers designed to host Magento sites that ensure your store is fast, safe and reliable. Cloud? Dedicated? Virtual? As well as managing your hosting, you can come to us for unbiased advice on a solution that fits your budget and needs. We have great relationships with top hosting providers who can provide a perfect solution for your Magento store. Talk to us about Magento Hosting
Magento Hosting Services

Making Sense of it All.

Virtual Server

A bit like renting a flat instead of an entire house. Rather than your website living on a physical machine that you own, it shares the resources of a server with other websites. It cuts costs, but performance can be compromised.

Dedicated Server

This is more like owning a house outright. You pay for the use of an entire server that is 100% dedicated to you, and not shared by other customers. It gives you increased levels of security, performance and control.

Cloud Server Hosting

These are hired virtual servers that run on a cloud computing environment. They are cost effective and flexible. It gives you the freedom to scale up or down easily whenever need it, making it simple to manage traffic spikes and peak periods.

Hybrid Hosting

A hybrid option gives you the scalability and flexibility of the cloud, with the enhanced security and performance of dedicated servers. Perfect if you need a bespoke, specialised solution.

Load Balancing

Where two or more servers distribute data and traffic between themselves. It prevents overloading of one server, providing cover for failure or slow performance. Put simply, if one server fails, another is on hand to take over.

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