Magento – the Ideal eCommerce Platform.

Retailers of all sizes choose Magento because it works. Its scalability means even once your project is complete, you don’t have to stop there. We plan, support and implement new releases so your systems work even as your business expands. We are a Magento Silver partner, and use Magento Community and Magento Enterprise to deliver a custom platform designed for growth. Partnering with us means you benefit from our technical ability and practical approach. From discovery to deployment, we pride ourselves on being with you every step of the way, ensuring enviable outcomes and partnerships that last.

User Experience, Design & Storytelling.

User experience is at the heart of our design process. Before we put pen to paper, first we get to grips with what makes your customers tick. By establishing how people use your site, and determining the journeys they take on their way to making a purchase, we can build a platform tailor made for your customers and your business. That way, we create solutions that are both fantastic to look at and to use. Designing an elegant, usable and extraordinary user experience is what drives us, and is what will drive your business as it grows. Talk to us about Magento eCommerce
Magento UX, Design & Development services

Our Journey to Your Success.

Designing and developing a new, bespoke eCommerce system is a journey. This is what happens en route…

It all starts with some old fashioned detective work – just without the pipe and hat. Call it business analysis: we understand what works and what doesn‘t, so we begin by mapping out the who, where, how and when.

Once the technical talk is out the way, we can start with the colourful side. It’s our time to research, explore, navigate and finally get out the crayons to begin drawing up what the final product will look like.

While others are getting creative, the techies are cleverly clicking away at ‘sprints’, or development tasks. Think of them as sculptors, chipping away with perfect execution to achieve the perfect end product.

We’re keeping it simple here, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take our work seriously. After rigorous testing and a last polish up, the end result is truly beautiful. Only then do we hand it over to you for the final push.

Strategy 2.0.

Wait. We don’t stop there. We know you want to grow, and we want to grow with you. It’s here we begin the second stage of the journey: our Strategy 2.0. This is the roadmap for your future. We observe and report, and together we grow.

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Who it’s Working For

We are proud of the results we have helped our clients achieve. Don’t just take our word for it. Read the Case Study