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Top Magento 2 Extensions For This Year

Magento is one of the most used, if not the most used eCommerce platform in the World. If you use this platform for your eCommerce store, this gives you a huge advantage over competing platforms.??Why? Because there is a huge, global open source development community for Magento 2 retailers.

This means that these days, there is a module or extension to do just about anything you want to do with Magento 2. But how do you know which extensions are the best, and which Magento extension developers build the best modules?

YOMA is one of the oldest, most experienced Magento development and marketing houses in the UK. In over a decade of working with the platform we have got to know the extensions community inside-out, and we’d like to share our knowledge with you.

The following Magento 2 extensions are our most recommended for this year and come from some of the very best developers out there.

mass product import and update

Wyomind Mass Product Import & Update Magento 2 Extension

If you’re looking for an easy and quick way to import or update products to your Magento

catalog, the Mass Product Import & Update extension by Wyomind is the best solution you can find. It allows you to update and import your products massively in Magento in record time through CSV or XML files that can be available from your website’s server, or from any remote server through FTP or HTTP.

In addition to indispensable features such as advanced mapping options, custom rules as well as a real-time preview, the extension comes with 4 sample profiles that will help you to create complex mappings from a single data source without having to build multiple import profiles. Your import and update profiles can be completely automated thanks to the cron tasks or the command line interface.

Wyomind are a long term Magento Extension partner of Yoma and offer the best import solution for Magento to simplify your uploads. The tool is user-friendly, completely flexible and very easy to use. Moreover, the Wyomind team is known to offer highly professional support and is never too far to help you to achieve what you want.


SEO Suite Ultimate Mageworx

Mageworx Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate

A YOMA favourite for Magento Store SEO configuration, SEO Suite Ultimate by MageWorx was born long before 2015. When Magento 1 ruled the market, the company debuted with the one-of-a-kind SEO-related solution back in 2009 ― Sitemap Suite.

It set the stage for the leading SEO Suite Ultimate for Magento 1. The younger Magento 2 sibling adopted its core functionality later. To polish the solution, the company solved any possible extension-related drawbacks and added more vital features as recommended by their loyal customers and niche professionals.

Today, SEO Suite is listed as one of the top most popular solutions on Magento Marketplace. Developed by the Magento Partners, its community and enterprise versions are fully scalable and adaptable to ever-changing Google requirements. While the team instantly keeps an eye on the ball of the SEO world, they eagerly add valuable features upon customer requests and are ready to run SEO audit of your site, if required.

Elasticsearch Multifaceted autocomplete Wyomind

Wyomind Elasticsearch Multifaceted Autocomplete Extension for Magento 2

The Elasticsearch Multifaceted Autocomplete extension will help you to boost your Magento 2 search and to get immediate search results thanks to the power of the Elasticsearch server.

This module is basically Elasticsearch on steroids and utilises your Elasticsearch license in ways you never thought possible! The extension enhances your search results with a multi-faceted autocomplete including filterable attributes, products sorting and many display options. You can define your labels and product listings display, enable the search terms highlighter, the “Did you mean” suggestions, the breadcrumbs and also add layers to the autocomplete box that gives many possibilities for your customers to filter their search.

The Elasticsearch Multifaceted Autocomplete extension is a must have, it gives you many

configuration possibilities and offers a full experience on Magento 2. This extension can also be upgraded with the Elasticsearch Layered Navigation extension that will focus on your categories and search results pages.


Mageworx Shipping Suite for Magento 2

Mageworx Magento 2 Shipping Suite Ultimate Extension

Shipping Suite Ultimate for Magеnto 2 is the only currently available solution that includes 8 top extensions within one module package. You won’t have to purchase or install delivery zones, shipping rates, custom carriers & methods, shipping rules, restrictions, zones pop-up, zip code validation, and import-export functionality.. This solution has it all in one place.

Developed by the pioneers in the niche, Shipping Suite has been proved to give zero performance degradation when dealing with bulk data. Its flexible conditions allow you to manage shipping rates on the fly and create as complex rules as required. Finally, the extension nails it with the?shipping methods per product functionality. It ensures that a particular product gets delivered with the help of a predefined list of shipping methods only.

Certainly a one-of-a-kind shipping experience for your customers!

Rocket Web Google Shopping Feed

Rocketweb Rocket Shopping Feeds For Magento 2

Magento merchants are best positioned with comparison shopping engines and marketplaces when they are able to gather the most relevant product information from their catalog.? Magento’s flexibility can bring difficulty in getting everything useful out of a catalog to send to one of these services. Rocket Shopping Feeds helps extract maximum value from a Magento product catalog.

Rocket Shopping Feeds is YOMA’s preferred shopping feed module. It generates a custom text file on demand or on a schedule that can be consumed by a range of services including Google Merchant Center.

Helpful rules can be put in place to cascade relevant data into empty fields, find and replace data, and concatenate attribute values to form a feed file full of rich information. The extension works with all product types and includes frontend additions to your product pages to help engines like Google Shopping get real-time updates for prices and stock availability.

The Best Magento 2 Extensions For This Year

Running an eCommerce retail store requires multiple hats. That is why you can see extensions that cover a wide variety of functions in our list. Where appropriate we choose these extensions for our own projects at YOMA.

YOMA can support your business to install and maintain Magento 2 extensions on your store. We can also protect and maintain your whole site, check out our?Magento development support?page for more information.